Hey. I'm Kathleen 🖖

I’m a UX + content designer, artist, and yogi who calls Chicago home. All of those things above involve empathy and creativity and problem solving, which I have honed over many late nights dancing to music and early mornings practicing yoga.

UX provides an exciting opportunity to use my design and communication skills to add more ease and joy into the world.

My writing/editing experience, coupled with my inventory management chops (I can tell you how to really tape a box shut, if you’d like), contribute to my ability to design with a distinctive degree of organization and thoughtfulness.

The TLDR is that my past experience and interests connect beautifully with UX + content design.

Aaaaand I like pretty (usable!) things.

p.s. I dig Oreos, long walks, and all the sci-fi.

p.p.s. My all-time favorite word is grotesque.